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Low Voltage Wiring


Recent advances in video, computer and telephone technology have led to a whole new way of wiring homes and businesses. Gone are the days of daisy-chained single line telephones and standalone devices. Changes in these fields have made business and personal communications more mobile, flexible and convenient. Farious Net Solutions' low voltage wiring services work to provide connectivity throughout your home or office and allow your devices to exchange data not only with each other, but also with the rest of the world.

Installing low voltage wiring in your home can increase its resale value and in an office it increases the productivity of your employees. Having a quality job done by Farious Net Solutions will save or even make you money in the long run.

Farious Net Solutions offers the following features and benefits over other installers:

  • Extreme Quality - FNS only installs components of the absolute highest quality and our installation techniques are second to none. We also test and guarantee all of our cable runs for one year after installation. The average structured cabling plant lasts for 17 years; only Farious Net Solutions will get it right the first time so that your network or phone system will continue to last and be productive.
  • Knowledge & Experience - FNS and its employees have been running low voltage cabling for many, many years. We have seen several network types come and go and have planned for each and allowed our customers easy migration paths.
  • Total Solution - FNS can create a total network for you or your business, where other installers only run wire. We can recognize problems before they happen and give you an easy upgrade path because we not only understand how to pull wire, but also what will go on that wire.
  • Fast Installation - FNS keeps enough employees on hand that we can often complete small jobs (up to 20 ports) the same week they are ordered by the customers and larger jobs in only a slightly longer time period.

With Farious Net Solutions, you can expect:

  • Consistent performance due to product design, quality and termination reliability. Guaranteed, in writing.
  • A clean, neat installation job.
  • Permanent documentation of your network at the site using wire tags and diagrams at the home location (concentration point where the wires all run to) to ensure ease of future changes.
  • Help getting your computers or telephones connected after the wires are run.

Your company lives and dies by its connections to the outside world and your family's comfort and pleasure is directly related to its ability to communicate. Choose Farious Net Solutions as your low voltage cable installer to ensure the best quality job possible.

For sample network designs, please visit [http://www.farious.com/wiring/sampledesigns/], and for tips on how to recognize a quality contractor, please visit [http://www.farious.com/wiring/goodcontractor/].