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Below are some of the many satisfied customers that Farious Net Solutions has had the pleasure to work with over the years. Please feel free to contact them to learn about Farious Net Solutions' superior service and their experiences with our company.

Customer: The Law Offices of Debra Lynn Nicholson
Main Contact: Debra Nicholson
Telephone Number: (973)729-3988
Email Address: debra@nicholson-law.net
Services Rendered for Customer: Computer Sales & Serivce, Linux/UNIX Consulting and Network & Telephone Low Voltage Wiring
This growing law firm was having a tremendous problem with their network's stability. The previous consultant had taken two Windows '98 workstations and designated them as "Primary" and "Secondary". Every night, Secondary would copy all of the data off of Primary to make a backup. Primary was notoriously unstable and used to host all of the shared files as well as their printer. Needless to say, this customer suffered at least one failure of their network per day, putting all of their employees out of commission for at least 15 minutes while the Primary machine was rebooted.

Farious Net Solutions began revamping their network by installing a new Red Hat Linux server at their office with mirrored hard drives. This cost very little, because of the superior performance of Linux and Farious Net Solutions' ability to use an older, retired, workstation as the server. A print server was then added to the network and high-speed wireless Internet access was provisioned by Farious.net.

Now, every night, a backup of their nearly gigabyte of data is made to Farious Net Solutions' data center over the Farious.net network utilizing a special, secure, Linux-only protocol, ensuring that their data is always backed up and stored remotely.

The Law Offices of Debra Lynn Nicholson has been functioning smoothly now for many months. They didn't even notice a hard drive failure in their server until technicians from Farious Net Solutions alerted them to the problem, and then promptly came to fix it on a Friday night at 5pm (to ensure that their employees would not have downtime).
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Customer: NAV–CELL
Main Contact: William (Bill) Randazzo
Telephone Number: (973)827-1918
Email Address: omegadog@pol.net
Services Rendered for Customer: Custom Programming
William Randazzo invented a revolutionary device for water navigation between 2001 and 2002. He founded a company, NAV-CELL, to develop, test and market his invention. In late 2002, Mr. Randazzo approached Farious Net Solutions to do the programming and design for his device.

Farious Net Solutions' experience with Linux and Java proved to be a winning combination. By leveraging Linux as an embedded operating system and running Java on top of this platform for networking capabilities, Farious Net Solutions is developing a small, fast device for NAV–CELL on budget, on time.

Unfortunately, we cannot reveal more about the device because of non-disclosure agreements, but when the device is released, both Farious Net Solutions and NAV–CELL is sure that it will revolutionize navigation for boaters.
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