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Linux/UNIX Consulting


Farious Net Solutions builds and supports Linux systems utilizing Redhat Linux. Linux is an operating system based upon the tried-and-true UNIX design philosophy that has many advantages over operating systems traditionally used by small businesses such as Microsoft Windows.

Farious Net Solutions utilizes the Redhat Linux operating system as the cornerstone of its network designs. We offer complete, end-to-end integration, system building and server development services for this versatile software. Linux has enabled Farious Net Solutions to solve a wide variety of customer's needs and problems at a very low cost. We use Linux as the glue in a network in order to hold together disparate customer systems such as Windows, Macintoshes and Netware.

Farious Net Solutions has been involved with Linux development and deployment since our inception. We specify Linux at nearly all of our customers' locations and have used it successfully on everything from embedded systems to small beowulf scientific clusters.One of our focuses as a company has been the integration of Linux into Microsoft Windows networks as a stable alternative server and the use of Linux as an Internet server. It is our opinion that Linux the premier server platform today for small businesses and that soon it will be a viable desktop alternative as well. To that end, everything that Farious Net Solutions develops (be it a network or a piece of software) is Linux compatible. We also practice what we preach by deploying Linux exclusively as both a server and desktop system on our internal networks.